SPM0018199, A.A. 2016/17

Principali informazioni sull'insegnamento
Corso di studio Corso di laurea in
SP1841, ordinamento 2011/12, A.A. 2016/17
Crediti formativi 6.0
Dipartimento di riferimento Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche, Giuridiche e Studi Internazionali
Obbligo di frequenza No
Lingua di erogazione INGLESE


Dettaglio crediti formativi
Tipologia Ambito Disciplinare Settore Scientifico-Disciplinare Crediti
AFFINE/INTEGRATIVA Attività formative affini o integrative IUS/13 6.0

Modalità di erogazione
Periodo di erogazione Secondo semestre
Anno di corso III Anno
Modalità di erogazione frontale

Organizzazione della didattica
Tipo ore Crediti Ore di
Ore Studio
LEZIONE 6.0 45 105.0 Nessun turno

Inizio attività didattiche 27/02/2017
Fine attività didattiche 10/06/2017
Orario della didattica Visualizza calendario delle lezioni
Giorno Ora Aula Edificio
Orari_chiudi Giovedi' 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
  02/03/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
09/03/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
16/03/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
23/03/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
30/03/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
06/04/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
13/04/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
20/04/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
Orari_chiudi Venerdi' 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
  03/03/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
10/03/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
17/03/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
24/03/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
31/03/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
07/04/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO
21/04/2017 9.30-12.30 AULA B ROVIGO

Commissioni d'esame
Nessuna commissione d'esame definita

Prerequisiti: A basic working knowledge of English.
Conoscenze e abilita' da acquisire: The course aims to give students an understanding of the fundamentals of Trasnational Commercial Law. Markets need a complex set of legal tools in order to work properly especially on the international level. The growth of international trade and cross-border contracts has given the recognition of the benefits to be obtained through some shape of harmonization of international business law. Transnational commercial law has an aptitude to be common to a number of legal systems because it is formed from a non-State body of law [a specific set of rules, not necessarily chained together], which governs international commercial transactions. In order to clarify the current status of this law, uncodified international trade usage, standard-term contracts formulated by international organisation (i.e. ICC), common principles developed by the courts and legislatures of different jurisdictions might be mentioned.
Modalita' di esame: An oral presentation of a final essay on Trasnational Commercial Law.
Criteri di valutazione: Attendance and active participation in class discussions constitute 33%, a short paper [related to the topics of one of the “three parts” of the course] constitutes 33% and the oral presentation of a final essay on Trasnational Commercial Law constitutes 34% of the grade.
Contenuti: The course is divided into three parts and consists of both theoretical and practical aspects of the law governing cross–border commercial transaction. The first part concentrates on the general framework of transnational commercial law; in the second part this is examined in the context of specific international trade conventions, model laws and contractual codes, while in the third part there will be some workshops [putting this law into practice] so that the student could understand the fundamentals of transnational law as well the way it may come into being and may help [perhaps] to bridge the gap between different legal systems.
Attivita' di apprendimento previste e metodologie di insegnamento: The course - entirely taught in English – is based on an interactive teaching methodology. Given the nature of the course, it is highly recommended that students intending to take the course attend lectures regularly and participate in the discussion. Therefore regular classroom attendance is important for a successful completion of the course.
Eventuali indicazioni sui materiali di studio: Goode-Kronke-McKendrick, Transnational Commercial Law, International Instruments and Commentary, OUP, last publication.
Testi di riferimento:
  • Goode-Kronke-McKendrick, Transnational Commercial Law - Text, Cases and Materials. --: OUP, --. Last publication Cerca nel catalogo