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Struttura Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale (DII)
Telefono 0498277545
Qualifica Professore associato confermato
Settore scientifico ING-IND/31 - ELETTROTECNICA
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Curriculum Vitae
1994: 2nd level university degree in Electrical Engineering (full marks and honors), University of Padua
1995: Postgraduate degree on controlled thermonuclear fusion, University of Padua
1998: PhD degree in Industrial Engineering, University of Padua

Dec 97 – May 99 Researcher, Consorzio RFX, Padua
Mar 98 - May 98: Visiting Home Team Personnel, ITER JWS, Naka, Japan.
May 99 – Jan 05: Researcher, Udine University
Jan 05 – Dec 09: Associate Professor, Udine University
Dec 09: Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Padua, Italy
Jun 1: Head of the Electromagnetic Systems division, Consorzio RFX, Padua, Italy

The scientific activities are focused on the numerical computation of electromagnetic fields and their applications in the framework of Magnetic Confinement Fusion (MCF).
Contributions to the research activities in the framework of contracts funded by international institutions (F4E, ITER, Eurofusion) dealing with MCF (non-exhaustive list from 2009):
• F4E GRT-032-PMS-H.CD (2009) Components and infrastructures of PRIMA
• F4E GRT-047-PMS-DG (2009) System-level optimization of the ITER magnetics diagnostic and R&D/Design of magnetics sensor assemblies
• F4E GRT-306-PMS-H.CD (2011) Development of the cooling and cryogenic plant, auxiliary system for NBTF and power supply systems for NBTF and ITER
• F4E GRT-334 (2011) Model Validation of 3D MHD code and construction of ITER model simulation of asymmetric VDEs and associated electro-magnetic loads
• F4E OPE-349-PMS-PEI (2012) Analysis of real time magnetic reconstruction in ITER
• F4E Expert Contract (2013) Evaluation of plasma boundary reconstruction errors in ITER pulses
• IO/13/RT/4300000895 (2013) Plasma and halo current rotation during asymmetric VDEs
• Eurofusion WP14-SA (2014) Preparation of exploitation of JT-60SA
• Eurofusion WP14-MST1 (2014) Medium-Size Tokamak Campaigns
• Eurofusion WP14-ER-01/ENEA_RFX-05 (2014) Multi-configuration studies for the development of active control of MHD instabilities

Co-author of numerical codes used in the field of MCF:
• CAFE: 3D electromagnetics solver (complementary formulations)
• IAIA: axisymmetric reconstruction of the plasma boundary

Co-author of about 100 papers, most of them on fusion topics in prestigious international journals:
• Nature Physics
• Nuclear Fusion (reviewer)
• Journal of Computational Physics
• Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (reviewer)
• Fusion Engineering and Design (reviewer)
• IEEE Transaction on Plasma science
• IEEE Transaction on Magnetics (reviewer)
Member of the editorial boards of COMPUMAG and CEFC conferences.

• National Coordinator of the research project PRIN 2006092700 (2006) Material development and electric modeling of DMFC for mobile electronic devices
• Local Coordinator (Padua Research Unit) of the research project PRIN 2010SPS9B3 (2010) 3D non-linear and multi-physics effects in modeling and control of thermonuclear fusion devices
• Chair of the Academic Council (Steering Committee) of the Joint Research Doctorate (Doctoral Network) on Fusion Science and Engineering from academic year 2013/14
• Coordinator of the project funded by MIUR PANN12_00540 (2013) aiming at the dissemination of the scientific and technological culture to secondary school students
• Member of the Eurofusion WP-SA Project Team

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