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Avvisi e altre informazioni
AA 2017/18:
- LABORATORIO DI LINGUA INGLESE (3 CFU aggiuntivi rispetto al corso di LINGUA INGLESE da 6 CFU) per studenti di COMUNICAZIONE: Le lezioni si terranno SOLO nel primo semestre il lunedì (per 10 lezioni) presso il LAB23 al 2o piano del CLA in Via Venezia 16 secondo la seguente ripartizione:
10.30-12.05: Studenti con iniziale del cognome A-N
12.30-14.05: Studenti con iniziale del cognome O-Z
In caso di sovrapposizione con altre lezioni gli studenti sono inviati a trovare un collega nell'altro gruppo con cui scambiare turno. Poi entrambi gli studenti dovranno contattare la Cloke (, titolare del corso di LABORATORIO e informarla.
Le lezioni di laboratorio inizieranno lunedì 9 Ottobre e termineranno entro il 22 Dicembre 2017. NOn ci saranno lezioni di Laboratorio nel 2o semestre.

Orario di ricevimento
Giovedì dalle 11:00 alle 12:00 Stanza 2020 al quinto piano del Centro Linguistico di Ateneo in Via Venezia 16, Padova Times and days valid from 5th March 2018.

You need to book an appointment to come to my office hourse by sending me an email from your university email account ( My email address is:

- If you send me an email, make sure it complies with the following DOs and DON'Ts

--- Send your email from your institutional address (i.e. the domain). Emails received form your private email address will be ignored.
--- Write in English, if you are studying English
--- provide a subject heading for your message including the acronym of your course (e.g. SCS for Scienze Sociologiche, COM for Comunicazione, MZL for Mediazione, PhD for PhD courses)
--- begin your message with “Dear Professor Crestani,”
--- indicate, as clearly as possible, the reason for writing (e.g. a goal you want to achieve, a difficulty you are facing, a doubt you have...) and what exactly you would like from me
--- end your message with “Kind regards,” “Best regards,” or “Best,”
--- sign your message with your first/given and last/family name, and your student I.D. number;
--- if this is NOT your first message to me, also include any other previous email exchanges below your signature line (else I might not fully remember/understand what you are talking about)
--- remember to be polite, courteous and formal throughout.

--- ask for information that requires a long reply (e.g. How can I prepare for your course?); first look on the course page on Moodle then come to my office hours
--- ask for the correction of your exam by email: come to my office hours instead.
--- ask for obvious and/or unpredictable information (e.g. Are you going to give an exam in June?): something that happens by default needs not be confirmed; if something changes, you will be informed either by me or by the segreteria didattica.
-- ask for information that is already, or that is going to be, available elsewhere (e.g. exam dates will be posted publicly; if they are not, it means they have not been fixed yet)

- Do NOT expect a reply unless you comply with ALL of the above.

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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum del docente in PDF: F1EF8D8100D31C8C4D3BF2ECCDBE0E74.pdf

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