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Struttura Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Aziendali "Marco Fanno"
Telefono 0498274059
Qualifica Ricercatore a tempo determinato di tipo A
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Curriculum Vitae
• Senior Post-doc Research Fellow, University of Padova, Department of Economics and Management
since april 2016 - Principal investigator for the research project “The emergence of Entrepreneurial Intelligence: Uncovering the roots of entrepreneurship to sustain its development”

Winner of several Research and Teaching awards:
• The most innovative and provocative paper, “A study of Italian tobacco shops: innovation and family dynamics”, (with: P. Gubitta), 2016, IFERA Research Development Workshop, Catania
• Philip Morris-Empowering Research Award, Business model of the Italian tobacconists (15.000 Euros), 2015, Bologna
• The best case study ASFOR-EMERALD Teaching Case Study Competition, titolo “The heart of business in a family business: the Hotel Stella case” (with: P. Gubitta) (1.000 Euros), 2012, Milano
• The best Ph.D. Proposal by Family Business Network international/International Family Entreprise Research Academy (FBN-i/IFERA) (1.500 Euros), “Creativity in family firms: institutionalism and embeddedness”, Lancaster

Academic Journals Editorial Review Board Memebership
• Journal of Small Business Entrepreneurship
• Journal “Organizational Psychology” part of “Frontiers in Psychology”

Reviewer of Academic Journals
• Journal of Family Business Strategy, Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management, Group and Organization Management, Sage Open

Teaching acitivy:
• 2015/2016, University of Padova, Dep. of Agrnomony and Envrionment, Professor of Human Resource Management (Undergraduate degree)
• since 2013, University of Padova, Dep. of Economics and Management, Adjunct professor of Family Business (Graduate degree)
• 2015/2016, Ca' Foscari University of Venice,Dep. of Management, Professor of Human Resource Management SECS-P/10 (Undergraduate degree)
• from 2011 to 2014, University of Padova, Dep. of Psychology, Tutor of the online course Organizational Design

Aree di ricerca
My main research interests include Entrepreneurship, Family Firms, Leadership and Small and medium sized firm performance, human resource management and organizational dynamics.

Academic Publications in International Outlets
• Tognazzo, A., Gubitta, P., & Gerli, F., 2017. Fostering performance through leaders’ behavioral competencies: an Italian multi-level mixed-method study. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 25(2).
• Tognazzo, A., 2017. “My Dad or My Boss?” The Story of a Family Hotel. Sage Business Cases. (Teaching case with teaching notes, available at:
• Tognazzo, A., Gubitta, P., & Favaron, S. D., 2016. Does slack always affect resilience? A study of quasi-medium-sized Italian firms. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 28(9-10), 768-790. (Available for free at: )
• Tognazzo, A., Gubitta, P., & Gianecchini, M., 2016. " My Old and My New Family"-The Impact of Family Relationships on Students' Entrepreneurial Intentions: An Italian Study. International Review of Entrepreneurship, 14(4).
• Gubitta, P., Tognazzo, A., Destro, F., 2015. Signaling in academic ventures: the role of technology transfer offices and university funds. Journal of Technology Transfer.
• Tognazzo, A., Destro, F., Gubitta, P., 2013. Patenting in Family Firms. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Vol. 17, Nos. 1/2/3.

Book chapters:
• Tognazzo A., Gubitta P., 2016. The heart of business in an Italian family firm: The Hotel Stella case. In Serio L., The Italian Model of Management: A Selection of Case Studies. Sheffield, UK: Greenleaf Publishing. ISBN-13: 9781783534265.
• Gubitta P., Tognazzo A., Campagnolo D., Gianecchini M., 2016, Quasi-successful and Quasi-failing academic spin-offs: The role of technological and commercial alliances. In Fast growing new firms in a slow growth economy: institutional conditions for innovation by Edward Elgar UK, Editors: Visintin F., Pittino D. ISBN 978 1 78536 710 6.
• Gubitta, P., Meda, M., Tognazzo, A., 2015. La formazione manageriale e imprenditoriale in Italia: due fatti stilizzati. In Gubitta, P.,La formazione manageriale in Italia. Milano: Franco Angeli. ISBN: 9788891712769
• Tognazzo A., Gubitta P., Gianecchini M., 2014. Passionate about being entrepreneur, or rather obsessed. In Visintin F., Pittino D., Lauto G., and Mazzurana P.M.A., “Organising for growth: theories and practices.”. Udine: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN-13: 978-1502474896.
• Tognazzo A., Gubitta P., Gianecchini M., 2014. Governance Practices in Action. Ways to Support Family Business Development (pp.377-400). In Mueller J., and Wells P., “Governance in Action Globally: Strategy, Process and Reality”. Oxford, UK: RossiSmith Academic Publishing Ltd. ISBN 978-0-9864597-9-5.
• Galeazzo A., Tognazzo A., De Marchi, V., 2012. Environmental leaders in the private sector: going beyond conventional behavior. In Rigling Gallagher, D., Environmental Leadership A Reference Handbook, SAGE Publications, Inc. ISBN: 9781412981507.
• Tognazzo, A., Gubitta P., 2012. Does Entrepreneurial Orientation Influence Firm Performance? A Study of Italian Family SMEs . In Cafferata R., Essays in Management, Economics & Ethics, Milano: McGraw-Hill Italia. ISBN 9788838673696.
• Gubitta P., Tognazzo A., Gianecchini, M., 2012. Risultati di un’indagine empirica nazionale sull’imprenditorialità giovanile. In G. Dossena e R. Cafferata “Spirito imprenditoriale e formazione d’impresa, Collana AIDEA, Il Mulino. ISBN 978881524076

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EP2423 002PD ECO2045274 6 II Anno (2019/20) Secondo
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