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Struttura Dipartimento di Geoscienze
Telefono 0498279123
Qualifica Ricercatore universitario confermato
Settore scientifico GEO/11 - GEOFISICA APPLICATA
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Avvisi e altre informazioni
Research Projects:

- Scientific Co-coordinator UE Project 2015-2018 H2020-LCE-2014-2020 CHEAP-GSHPS “Cheap And Efficient Application Of Reliable Ground Source Heat Exchangers And Pumps”; and WP leader of University of Padua Unit WP1 “Geological mapping, climatic data and energy requirements“.
- Scientific Coordinator of the Project FACE 2015-2018 “Rational use of groundwater for the purpose of Air conditioning of buildings: preparation of technical tools and scientific mapping support to the authorities and aim to protection of water resources and its sustainable exploitation”. Founded by Veneto Region (Italy)
- Scientific Coordinator of the Project (2015-2016)-"Definition of the early warning thresholds of the “Busa del Cristo” landslide phenomenon in the municipality of Perarolo di Cadore (Belluno-Italy) ) ", founded by Veneto Region, Dept. of Soil and Forests Defense, Italy.
- Scientific Coordinator of the Padua University Research Project 2014-2016 - prot. CPDA144544, Hydro-mechanical properties variation due to Thermal stress on Clayey materials.
Scientific Coordinator of the Research Project 2014-2015 European founded Project (FSE) Veneto Region (Italy) on the “Seasonal underground thermal energy storage in solar-assisted geothermal plants”.
- Coordinator of Project Working package “Low enthalpy geothermal potential” National Project “Vigor – Evaluation Of Geothermal Potential Of South Italy)” National Research Council – Italian Minister Of Economic Development (2011-2014)
- Scientific Coordinator of the Italian National Research Council Project 2013-2015, founded by Gargano National Natural Park – Italian Ministry of the Environment “Feasibility analyses of a solar assisted geothermal storage system for the National Gargano Park Head office”
- Scientific co-coordinator of the Project Geoterm (2015-2016) “Thermal Energy Storage in Trento province (Italy), voted to map the regional geothermal potential. founded by Energy Agency of Trento province (Italy)
- Partecipant to the Padua University Research Unit PRINProject (Research Program of Relevant National Interest- Italy) 2013-2016. “Dynamics of morphoclimatic Systems in response to global changes and geomorphological risks induced“
- Scientific Coordinator of the Research project 2014 “COGET”: Geo-mechanical properties changes on clay sediments induced by Borehole heat exchangers (BHE) thermal stress. Founded by Venice Province (Italy)
- Scientific Coordinator of the Research project 2013 “GEOTREV”: geothermal uses in the Treviso province”, aim to analyze and map the territorial geothermal potential. founded by Treviso Province. (Italy)
- Coordinator of WP "Laboratory testing" Excellence Project University of Padua-CARIPARO Foundation 2009-2013 "SMILAND" “Study of precursors of landslides in rock by fiber optic system;
- Scientific Coordinator of the Research project 2012 “AGAVE”: Analyses of geotechnical effects related to thermal stress on clay sediments of Venice Lagoon area”. founded by Venice Province. (Italy)
- Scientific Coordinator of the STRIGE Project – Veneto Region – Regional Environmental protection Agency, 2009-2011 “Rational uses of geothermal resourses in Veneto region, ITALY” - Evaluation of regional deep and shallow geothermal assessment and suggest the best uses voted to energy and heat production.
- Scientific Coordinator Research Project 2010-2011 European founded Project (FSE) – Veneto Region “Thermal energy in the Geothermal Euganean Basin – Italy”.

Curriculum Vitae
Assistant Professor
Degree in Geoscience
Phd in Engineering Geology
Prof. Aggr. in Geothermics

- Since 2011 teacher in charge of the course "Geothermics" for the degree in Geological Sciences, University of Padua (Italy)
- Since 2011 person in charge of 3D laboratory of the Dept. of Geoscience-University of Padova, Italy
- Since 2014 member of the International Committee of the Geoscience Dept.
- Since 2006: Assistant Professor
- 2004-2011: teacher in charge of the courses "Applied Geology and Geophysics" and "Environmental monitoring systems " for the degrees in Geological Sciences, Environmental Science (STAM) and Science and technology applied to Cultural Heritage (STBC)
- 2004 - 2014 responsible of the Earth Science Erasmus program of the University of Padua
- Since 2001: researcher in Applied Geophysics at the Dep. of Geosciences - University of Padua
- 1998-2000: PhD in Engineering Geology
- 1990-1998: technician in Geophysics at the Department of Geology, Geophysics and Palaeontology of the University of Padova (Italy)
- 1989-1990: teacher of mathematics and physics at a high school in Padua (Italy)
- 1989: Graduated in Geology – Geophysics at the Department of Geology, Paleontology and Geophysics - University of Padua.

Assignments and committees:

- Member of European Geothermal Energy Council
- Member of Steering Committee of the European Geothermal Panel – Bruxelles
- Member of the AIGA (Italian Association of Applied and Enviromental Geology)
- Member of Italian National Thermo-technical Commission UNI GL608: National Standard regulation on geothermal plant coupled with heat pump
- Member of the Scientific Committee of the Center of Geomatics at the University of Padua (Italy)
- Member of the Scientific Committee of the Energy Research Center “Levi Cases”, University of Padua
- Associated Researcher at the National Research Council – Italy, Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources - UOS of Padua . Geothermal working group (Italy)
- Invited lecturer at the International School of Geothermics, Erice 2012 – Italy (Minister of Economy Development – National Institute of Geophysics – National Research Council)
- Invited lecturer AICARR Course “Geothermal heat pump systems for heating and cooling”. European Project GROUNDMED 2010-2012,
- Guest lecturer Project Interreg IVC –UE 2010-2011 – Veneto region. “Climate change adaptation strategies: Geothermal energy for building space heating and cooling”
- Lecturer at the permanent training course “Planners of geothermal plants” DIPTEM, Department of Production Engineering, Thermo-energetic and Mathematical Models, University of Genoa-Italy
- Invited Professor at the Course “Application of Geophysical exploration to groundwater research” Asmara 02/2006. State of Eritrea, Ministry of Land Water and Environment (WRD). Partecipants from Water resource Department, Southern Red Sea Administration, Mines Department, University of Asmara, United Nations, NGO.
- Invited lecturer at del Advance Course of "Mecanica Y Dinamica De Los Flujos Densos", (2004). University of Salta, Argentina

Academic activity:

- Author of over 120 scientific papers published in national and international journals
- Tutor of over 50 Master and Bechelor degree thesis
- Tutor of over 25 grant and junior research fellowships

Curriculum del docente in PDF: B4CE51BED76EEA42E49D29FBDF77DBB5.pdf


Pubblicazioni del docente in PDF: B4CE51BED76EEA42E49D29FBDF77DBB5.pdf

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