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Struttura Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia "Galileo Galilei"
Telefono 0498277081
Qualifica Professore associato confermato
Settore scientifico FIS/03 - FISICA DELLA MATERIA
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Curriculum Vitae

Filippo Romanato is associate professor of physics at the University' of Padua and coordinator of the local group of Nanodevices.
Director of LAboratory for Nanofabrication and Nanodevices (LaNN) and Scientific adviser of SM Optics. Since June 1998 he is in charge of the nanofabrication LILIT group at the INFM-CNR laboratory based at the synchrotron Elettra in Trieste. Co-founder of three spin-offs dedicated to nanolithography, electronic integration in biosensing, and telecommunication. Coordinator of basic and industrial projects for technological transfer. His research has been devoted originally to structural study of semiconductor materials. Later he specialized in processes nanofabrication and lithographic techniques with particular applications to nano photonics and plasmonics, to biosensors for human genetics and agro-food. He is project manager for the development of tools and nanolithography nano-optics, for the study of the propagation of structured light with orbital angular momentum applied to the nano optics and fiber telecommunication.

• 2008 - present. Associate professor at the Dep. of Physics “Galileo Galieli” of Padua Univ
• 2008 - present. Director of Laboratory for Nanofabrication of Nanodevices (LaNN).
• 2014- present. Group leader of the biomedical characterization group at the Institute of Pediatric Research - Fondazione Città della Speranza (Padova)
• 1998 Senior researcher and member of IOM-CNR, and member of scientific committee of the Facility of Nanofabrication.

• graduated and PHD in Physics at University of Padua
• 1994-1996 Postdoc at Padua University.
• 1996-97 Postdoc at MIT
• 1997 Postdoc at European Synchrotron ESRF.
• 1998-2007 Researcher at TASC- CNR ,
• 2005-2009 Professor at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Scientific production
225 scientific papers published in international journals and refereed conference proceedings. 
4500+ citations, H-index 32 (source Google Scholar, Jul 2019);    
65 + invited talks at international conferences, conferences, workshops, universities and research centers.    
He is co-author of 13 international patents.

Scientific interests
• High resolution lithographic and fabrication techniques for the realization of 3D nano structures for photonics, plasmonics, and for the development of nanodevices.
• Foundation and managing of facilities of nanofabrication.
• Development of photonic devices based on the orbital angular momentum (OAM) of the light.
• Development of bio-plasmonic sensors.
• Design and simulation of photonic and nano-optical devices.
• Semiconductor epitaxial heterostructures.
• Synchrotron based techniques and design of beam lines.

Other professional activities
• 2012 of spin-off company "Twist-off" for the development of the OAM radio technology,
• 2008 of ThunderNIL srl, Nanochallenge award for the best nanotechnology spin-off.
• 2009 of Protolab srl. spin-off for advanced materials and electronic devices
• 2010 Twist-off, university spin-off for wireless telecommunications.
• 2014scientific advisor of STRAND srl for fiber telecommunication
• Expert reviewer for international funding agencies: Israeli Ministry of Science, ETH Zurich; The Austrian Science Fund;
• Member of PhD and Master examination committee
• Member of the steering committee of the international conferences
• Member of scientific committee of Fotonica.
• member of Corifi

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SC1163 COMUNE SCP3049604 6 III Anno (2019/20) Secondo
SC1174 COMUNE SCL1000406 6 II Anno (2019/20) Primo